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Vegetable Stand


Please complete all applicable fields. Incomplete applications will not be accepted. Please submit a Certificate of Insurance and a copy of applicable permits no later than March 31, 2023.


One of Forward Farmers Markets' goals is to Partner with organizations like Potomac Landing ES and Parks and Recreation to solve challenges in our community (i.e., improving health and wellness) that affect all of Fort Washington! 

This year we have the opportunity to host the market at a Northern region (Fourth Saturdays) and a Southern region (Second Saturdays)  of Fort Washington, with a total of 10 markets. We do expect vendors to vend at both markets- And for a limited time will give a 50% discounted rate for our new market (North) if vending at all markets. 

  1. North- Friendly H.S.
    Dates: June 24, July 22, August 26, and September 23. November 18


  2. South- Potomac Landing ES; 12500 Fort Washington Rd, Fort Washington, MD 20744
    Dates: June 10, July 8, August 12, September 9, and October 14.

Click here to review the rules and guidelines of the Fort Washington Forward Farmers Market 2023 season or visit 

Are you set up to accept Pre-Ordering:
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Which days will you be able to vend?
Choose the markets you will attend:
Are you required to have a Prince George’s County Farmers Market Vendor or Special Events permit for 2023?
Type of Vendor:
Farm Vendor - Will your products have seasonal changes?
Meats - USDA Approved?
Meats - Types of Meats
Frozen in vacuum sealed packaging?
Do you accept SNAP/WIC methods of payments?
Did you make the products you are selling?
Are any of your products purchased for resale?
Are you selling Baked Goods?
IF YES - are you using local grown ingredients? (ie-eggs, fruit)
Will you be giving live demonstrations or workshops?
Are you selling any of the following (Click all that apply):
Are you a:
Are you/your:
Will you be creating any product at the Market or giving live demonstrations?
Do you plan to take orders in addition to selling inventory on hand?
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Thanks for submitting!​


Vendor must not exceed 10 x 10 space requirements. 2022 and 2023 vendors will be able to purchase additional 10 x 10 spaces at $10-15 ea. if needed. Your shade structure MUST meet current NFPA-701 Fire Resistant Standards.


Please attach the manufacturer’s verification that the structure meets safety requirements to a leg of the tent. Without meeting requirements, you risk removal from the Farmers Market by the PGC Fire Marshall.

Season Vendor Space Rental fee should be made payable to: Fort Washington Forward, Inc. 938 E. Swan Creek Rd #123, Fort Washington, MD 20744.

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