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Forward Farmers Market 2024 Vendor Application

DEADLINE: March 15, 2024

Instructions to the applicant: All items are required. Applications will not be processed without complete information and a copy of:

  • Certificate of Insurance (General Liability policy or rider naming Fort Washington Forward, Inc. and Forward Farmers Market Manager with $500,000 minimum, as required by PGC)

  • Farm Vendor permit from PGC (Farm category vendors only)

  • Prince George’s County Dept of Health permit or decal (food vendors)

Applicants must make payment to: Fort Washington Forward, Inc. with the submission of the completed application and all required proofs of certificates and permits. Space reservations will not be made until
applications are approved and payments are made in full.

Contact Information

Vendor stall fees are for a 10’x10’ space. If you require additional space, it is available for a reduced fee. Stall rentals are $30 for 1 stall per market day.

Market Permit Information
Type of 10’x10’ Stall:
Appliation Type:
Products sold at the Farmers Market must be from Maryland's land, waterways or workshops. Do you grow, raise, catch or make your products?
Are you planning to bring an ungrounded generator? Grounded generators are not permitted at this event.
Products You Wish to Sell: (Select all that apply)

Here’s a quick review of some rules:

  • All Farm products must be grown, raised, or grazed in Maryland. Meats must be processed at facilities with USDA approvals. Egg vendors must have a Maryland Egg Law License. PGC permits are required by the county and copies are to be submitted with your application.

  • All Cottage Foods should be made by the vendor using ingredients sourced locally or in Maryland. All foods must be labeled with ingredients listed, and include the name and address of the Cottage Food Vendor per Maryland Department of Agriculture.

  • Cooked Food servers (Food Trucks, Mobile Food Units, Freshly cooked food servers) are required to be inspected by the Prince George’s County Department of Health. Copies of Certificates, Permits or Decals must be submitted with the application and on hand during the Farmers Market days.

  • Wineries, Breweries, and Distillers must be properly licensed to sell to the public.

  • All Art and Handcrafts must be created by the vendor in Maryland. No items are to be purchased for resale. No second-hand clothing will be permitted.

  • No live animals are permitted to be sold at the Forward Farmers Market.

  • All firearms, look-alikes, or parts and equipment to make firearms are strictly prohibited from sale at our Farmers Market.


We, at Forward Farmers Market, want to see every vendor have a pleasant and successful experience with us! To encourage your customers to patronize your business, we strongly advise our vendors to have Bountiful displays, ample signage with the name of your business, display items with prices and name of the products, and use colors to help entice visitors to your stall. Tablecloths give a clean & and pleasant appearance. Remember, RED foods and products SELL!



I agree to sell or offer for sale at the 2024 Forward Farmers Market, hosted by Fort Washington Forward, Inc., a non-profit organization, only items I listed above, and/or items approved by the Market Manager. I accept that I must adhere to all applicable laws and regulations governing Forward Farmers Market and my business. I acknowledge full responsibility, as the applicant, for all activities conducted throughout the terms of this application. Further, I hereby indemnifying agree to hold Fort Washington Forward, Inc., the Forward Market Manager, and Colin Powell Academy PTO, the Forward Farmers Market sponsor, harmless against and from, and shall reimburse said parties, for all liabilities, damages, obligations, fines, penalties, claims, costs, demands, charges, judgements and expenses, including but not limited to reasonable attorneys fees, which shall be imposed upon, incurred, paid by or asserted against Fort Washington Forward, Inc, Forward Market Manager and/or Sponsor for:


  • Any negligence or tortious act on the part of the Applicant or their agent and employees;

  • Any damage or person or property; or

  • Any failure on the part of the applicant to perform or comply with any of the terms or conditions contained in and required of Fort Washington Forward, Inc., the Forward Market Manager, or the Colin Powell Academy PTO by this Applicant.


I acknowledge I have been given a copy of the Forward Farmers Market Rules and Regulations and hereby submit to them and all requirements of the Prince George’s County School District and Prince George’s County Permit office, as required, for the privilege of using the facilities of the Forward Farmers’ Market during the 2024 market season.

By signing this application, you agree that you have reviewed and will comply with the Rules of the Forward Farmers Market.

**Please attach copies of required Certificate of Liability Insurance, Permits, Health Inspections.**


Select the month(s) and/or options you wish to reserve below.

Vendor Table Options

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