Organic Farmer's Market


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Rainbow Ridge Studio

I have worked with glass for almost a decade, and have studied the foil, leaded, and mosaic mediums. The genre was immediately seductive- bending glass to your will, and the frustration when it breaks and bends you instead. I bleed with every project, and my spirit is strengthened each time a shard sneaks into a finger. The splinters are a constant reminder that we can all shatter, but even in our smallest forms we are capable of powerfully impacting the world in which we find ourselves.

CUSTOM PHOTO PANEL (8x11) Usually around $200, contact artist with your photo ideas for exact quote. Requires minimum of 2 weeks between confirmed order and delivery.

CUSTOM AIR FORCE MEMORIAL= TBD, contact artist for more details. CUSTOM STARS= TBD, dependent on size, contact artist for more details.