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The Ujamaa Collective Children's Books

Karen and Kathy spent a lifetime hiking in the woods, wading in streams, and tromping through wetlands. Along with their siblings, they foraged wild berries, grapes, and honeysuckle and enjoyed the scents and tastes of summer. They and their siblings are gardeners and emerging farmers.

Karen and Kathy recently published the illustrated children’s book, Fern and Ginger Dandelions and Watermelons. Spend the day with them while they learn about foraging from Grandma Lil and farming from Mr. Sass. Read about edible wild plants, farm vegetables, and seeds. This book includes foraging and gardening tips and wonderful harvest recipes.

Karen is a freelance writer, editor, graphic designer. She is a career environmentalist and training specialist. Her books are Big Les’ Fish Store, Say No With A Smile!, and Living In Autumn While Preparing For Spring: The Journey Towards Marriage. Kathy is a writer, artist, and marital artist. She is a biologist and natural resource management specialist. She is the author of Red and Pop, Awi Squad Buds: Games Under the Sun, Chana: Seeking the Red Bird, and Woody, Snappy, and Terpy Swamp Party!

Karen and Kathy will be happy to autograph your books when you arrive at the farmers market.