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Development near CVS

No action was taken at Monday's District Council hearing because there was considerable discussion about the extension of Gunpowder Road through to Livingston Road. Some residents in Potomac Knolls don't want Gunpowder Road to connect through. It is a County requirement for this development, not a developer requirement. The owner is hoping for approval in the next few days. She stated she is also working on contacting the restaurants on our wish list.


Development near CVS

To: Prince George’s County District Council

Subj : DSP 20030, Livingston Fort Washington

Fort Washington Forward strongly supports the commercial development proposed in this detailed site plan. Since prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, Maureen Wood and her team have actively communicated with the citizens of Fort Washington, and listened to the practical desires of residents, while clearly explaining their business goals as well. As recently as January 2023, Ms. Wood and her team met with Fort Washington Forward and residents, to reiterate their synergy and alignment with the goals of Fort Washington citizens regarding smart commercial development.

DSP 20030 represents a strategic and deliberate commercial development effort that aligns with the ethos of the Fort Washington Community: strong families, health and wellness, social connectivity, and respect for the environment and nature. Furthermore, DSP 20030 attempts to bring badly needed office space density, and subsequent balanced retail to southern Prince George’s County.

While Plan 2035 currently guides county development around transit centers, there is no true existing development strategy along the MD-210 corridor where more than 70,000 cars travel each day. As a result, individual developments have been allowed to manifest resulting in disconnected commercial properties, and no sense of community identity along a major transportation artery. This has an economic impact, as survey data reveals residents leave Prince George’s County to spend money in neighboring counties. DSP 20030 attempts to address this significant issue, and as a result, Fort Washington Forward asks that the District Council strongly support DSP 20030.


David B. Owens


Fort Washington Forward, Inc.

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